About Chromiupgrader

This goes a little further than Chromium Nightly Updater (CNU) to actually download and upgrade your copy of Chromium to the latest build (with, of course, two checks to ensure that you are in dire need of an upgrade). CNU only downloads the latest build for you; Chromiupgrader downloads the latest build, and if it detects you have an outdated copy of Chrome installed, it will extract the contents of the zip file, close Chrome, delete Chrome and “install” the new build. All this with one click.

It has been coded in NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System), with the help of the following plugins: inetc, ZipDLL, md5dll, KillProcDLL. I tried my best to comment little notes to myself while coding this program, so I believe it’s well documented.

Note: It assumes Chromium is installed in the default installation directory:

  • for Vista, it’s: “C:\Users\**YOUR USERNAME**\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application”
  • for XP, it’s “C:\Documents and Settings\**YOUR USERNAME**\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\Application”

Have any questions/comments? E-Mail me.

What does it do?

Here’s a walkthrough of what it does:

  1. Deletes any left-over files that might have been left behind (from a previous execution perchance)
  2. Reads the last downloaded build from a locally stored “latest downloaded” file
  3. Checks the latest build at (in turn, updating the “latest downloaded” file)
    • If the build versions are the same, the process stops and the program exits
    • If they’re NOT the same, then the process continues
  4. The newest build is downloaded and extracted to a temporary folder
  5. A second check is made, comparing the MD5 hashes of the newly downloaded build and the currently installed Chromium build
    • If the hashes are the same, the process stops and the program exits
    • If they’re NOT the same, then the process continues
  6. All Chromium processes are killed, and the outdated Chromium build is removed from your computer (all user settings/bookmarks are kept intact though)
  7. The new build is copied to where the outdated Chromium build was located
  8. Chromium is executed
  9. All left-over files/directories are deleted

Don’t worry: by “left-over” files/directories, I mean the downloaded “” file and the “chrome-win32” folder (after extracted from the zip file).

Download (binary, source code)

Chromiupgrader.exe | Source Code