TD e-Series Portfolio Rebalancer

Amount to Contribute (optional)$
FundDesired %Current Market ValueCurrent %InvestmentCompleted
TD Canadian Index - e (TDB900)%$%$
TD US Index - e (TDB902)%$%$
TD Canadian Bond Index - e (TDB909)%$%$
TD International Index - e (TDB911)%$%$

Weighted Management Expense Ratio:

Preset Models:

How to use:

  1. (Optional) Enter an amount to contribute
  2. Important: Set your desired ratios by manually entering them in or selecting a preset model from the dropdown
  3. For each fund: enter the current market value
  4. Once all the data is entered, the amount to invest per fund is shown
  5. As you're buying the funds, you can check the box beside each to keep track

Source: Canadian Couch Potato - Option #2 (mirror)

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