Help Translate ScriptSafe

Getting Started

  1. View the table on this page for a list of available languages and current statuses (e.g. if it’s already being worked on)
    1. If a translation you are able to do is not created yet, use one of the English locale files
  2. IMPORTANT: before you start, email [email protected] saying which language are interested in helping with so I can update the status on this page OR let you know if someone else is already working on it
  3. Click on the “Locale File” link to view/download the language file
  4. Open the file in a text editor. You will want to work on the “message” line under each string, not “description
    1. The description is there to help show you what the word is in English
  5. Save the file

Submitting Your Work

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with:
    1. How you would like to be listed as a translator
    2. The messages.json file containing your updated translations as either an attachment or a download link
    3. Optionally any notes regarding the translation
  2. Translators will be given credit on this page, as well as in ScriptSafe itself in the Update and Options pages.

Available Languages and Statuses

Locale File Language (region) Status Translated By
ar Arabic Translate Review Needed
am Amharic Not Created Yet
bg Bulgarian Translate Review Needed
bn Bengali Not Created Yet
ca Catalan Not Created Yet
cs Czech Integrated as of v1.0.8.5  callipso
da Danish Translate Review Needed
de German Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Daniel Neubauer (d4nin3u), Daniel Ring
el Greek Translate Review Needed
en English Integrated into ScriptSafe
en_GB English (Great Britain) Integrated into ScriptSafe
en_US English (USA) Integrated into ScriptSafe
es Spanish Integrated as of v1.0.9.0 Enrique Arróniz Ramos
es_419 Spanish (Latin America and Caribbean) Not Created Yet
et Estonian Not Created Yet
fa Persian Translate Review Needed
fi Finnish Translate Review Needed
fil Filipino Translate Review Needed
fr French Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 marc0303
gu Gujarati Not Created Yet
he Hebrew Not Created Yet
hi Hindi Not Created Yet
hr Croatian Translate Review Needed
hu Hungarian Integrated as of v1.0.8.5  Calmarius
id Indonesian Translate Review Needed
it Italian Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Ezio Tescari
ja Japanese Integrated as of v1.0.8.4 noushibou and たこすけ
kn Kannada Not Created Yet
ko Korean Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 ARMO
lt Lithuanian Translate Review Needed
lv Latvian Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Hudozhnik
ml Malayalam Not Created Yet
mr Marathi Not Created Yet
ms Malay Translate Review Needed
nl Dutch Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Robert J. Klop
no Norwegian Translate Review Needed
pl Polish Integrated as of v1.0.9.2 Galileusz
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil) In progress by Ti
pt_PT Portuguese (Portugal) Translate Review Needed
ro Romanian Integrated as of v1.0.8.5  Sirius98
ru Russian Integrated as of v1.0.8.5  WatsonRus
sk Slovak Translate Review Needed
sl Slovenian Translate Review Needed
sr Serbian Translate Review Needed
sv Swedish Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Guy F.
sw Swahili Not Created Yet
ta Tamil Translate Review Needed
te Telugu Not Created Yet
th Thai Translate Review Needed
tr Turkish Translate Review Needed
uk Ukrainian Translate Review Needed
vi Vietnamese Translate Review Needed
zh_CN Chinese (China) Integrated as of v1.0.8.5  Chiuwing LUK
zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan) Integrated as of v1.0.8.5 Sam Lee