Privacy Policy

In regards my various Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store, all of the below privacy-related items apply to each:

  • Absolutely no data is tracked or sent to third-party entities.
  • Any form of analytics does not exist in the code or functionality.
  • Any data not required by the extension (e.g. extension option values such as a whitelist/blacklist) is not logged/manipulated/tracked/transmitted in any way or at any point in time (e.g. user browsing history, saved sessions, etc.)
  • Only data that is required for the extension to work is stored locally on the user’s machine using the built-in Chrome API.
    • If the extension offers cross-device syncing, only the built-in Chrome API is used. Furthermore, the option to completely disable syncing capabilities is offered to the user.
  • Due diligence has been taken to make most of my extensions open source, where the latest code is available for review and scrutiny:

Policy published: Monday, June 6, 2016