My Sites / Web Apps

My Contracted Work

  • GrandezVous – Event Management System (custom-developed)
  • TD Bank – Large-Scale Data Migration
  • Ted Rogers School of Management – Official website development work, in addition to the Bloomberg Terminal Booking System (custom-developed)
  • The Hospital for Sick Children – Project Analyst Work
  • Toronto Triathlon Festival – Website Management
  • Ryerson Commerce Society – Student Group Portal (custom-developed)

My Voluntary Work

  • FindMichelleYu.com – a site in order to streamline efforts to find Michelle (and yes, she was found safe and sound), receiving tons of visits (especially after Rick Mercer tweeted about it) and media coverage (domain has since expired)
  • SupaMaasai Foundation – a site for a non-profit organization empowering Maasai women and youth

My Application Development

  • autorun.inf – tools that I’ve created to offer protection against autorun.inf attacks
  • Firefox Defragger – a one-click program to defrag your Firefox’s *.sqlite files (improving responsiveness)
  • Flow – a program that changes your desktop’s wallpaper every hour
  • Chromiupgrader – an automated Google Chromium upgrading tool (Chromium = open-source version of Chrome)
  • Office Document Image Extractor (“ODIE”) – extract images from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Compact Calendar – printable calendar with the entire year on one page

My Browser Extensions

Google Chrome

Cygen (view)

Generate secure, unique, and domain-specific passwords to increase your overall online security, based on SuperGenPass.

Decreased Productivity (view)

Decreased Productivity provides users the ability to control how web content is shown. They are able to control the look of pages (such as colours and opacity of images).

Power Google Inbox (view)

Tweak Google Inbox to see and do more at once by compacting the message list and interface and permanently docking the left-hand navigation menu.

ScriptSafe (view)

ScriptSafe gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness.