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The goal of this page is to aid in the search for a missing person/thing by helping loved ones to quickly generate an all-in-one, optimized, responsive, one-page site to act as a central point of reference.

The form below includes tips and considerations that would likely make the search more successful.

Time is of the essence, and this was created with the hope that this helps you save time.

Tips and Considerations

Below is a list of tips and considerations:

Missing Person/Thing Form

This will automatically create bulleted lists; all you need to do is create points on a new line in the boxes below.

It will also automatically make links and email addresses clickable.

1) Full Name*

Enter the full name of the person/thing

2) Last Seen*

Where was the person/thing last seen? (where and when)

3) Description*

Enter a description of the person/thing, any distinctive features (e.g. tattoos, scars, birthmarks), and emphasize any medical conditions

4) How People Can Help

Please list different things people can do to help (e.g. posting up posters)

5) Contact

Describe who people can contact if they have information (e.g. local police, organizations), and ideally your contact information as well

6) Resources

Please provide links to any resources that would help in the search (e.g. poster images)

7) Notes

Enter any additional notes you would like to mention on the page

8) Hashtag

Enter the hash tag created to help search efforts

9) Facebook

Enter the full address of any Facebook page created to help search efforts

10) Twitter

Enter the username of the Twitter account created to help search efforts

11) Photograph

Upload a recent photograph (920 pixels or more in width; less than 1 mb in size). Note: it will be uploaded to Imgur.com, a free image host, in order to minimize bandwidth usage