Dudley Lock Combination Generator (disclaimer: intended for legal purposes)

How to find your Lock's Seed Number:
  1. With the shackle pushed in, set the dial to 3
  2. Pull the shackle completely out, and then turn the dial to the right until it stops
  3. Note the number that the dial stops on (has to be between 4 to 9)

My Seed Number is:

Unlocking Directions:
  1. Turn two full right cycles before stopping on the first number (A)
  2. Turn left, pass the first number, and stop on the second number (B)
  3. Turn right to the number next in sequence in the XX list
    • E.g. if B is 13, then in the XX list start from 19 (B + 6), then proceed to do 25, 31, 37, 43, 49, 55, 01, and stop at 07 (there is no need to do 13 again)
  4. Pull the shackle, if it doesn't open, repeat #3 for the next number (+6)
  5. Steps 1 to 4 take around 30 seconds to do (meaning around 30 minutes to go through each combination list, and an hour to go through all)
  6. If unsuccessful, click on the combo you just tried to mark it as used, and continue onto the next item with Step #1