Tangerine: Timeline

Friday, April 15, 2016 @ 11:01 am

This is more of a running log of my progress in setting up my Tangerine account and when things were sent/received.

Note: this post refers to bonuses/promotions from this post.

  1. Sat., April 9 – 1:11am: Opened a Tangerine (chequing) account (entered a friend’s Orange Key to receive a $50 bonus; my Orange Key is 45730328S1 🙂 )
  2. Sat., April 9 – 1:25am: Set up a Tangerine username
  3. Sat., April 9 – 2:30pm: Confirmed identity at a nearby Canada Post office (driver’s license and bank statement)
  4. Sat., April 9 – 2:44pm: Applied for a Tangerine credit card using the GreatCanadianRebates.ca affiliate link (to receive a $25 rebate – from GCR, not Tangerine)
  5. Sat., April 9 – 2:49pm: Credit card application is approved
  6. Sat., April 9 – 2:53pm: Submitted request to link Bank A chequing account with Tangerine
  7. Sat., April 9 – 7:07pm: Added Bank A VISA credit card to my Tangerine payee list
  8. Mon., April 11 – 8:25am: Received $25 rebate (re: #4; from GreatCanadianRebates.ca)
  9. Tue., April 12 – 12:02pm: Notified that Bank A account was ready to be validated and linked to Tangerine
  10. Tue., April 12 – 12:04pm: Successfully linked Bank A account with Tangerine
  11. Tue., April 12 – 12:10pm: Submitted Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) request to have Bank A chequing account balance transferred to Tangerine
  12. Tue., April 12 – 2:37pm: Submitted request to link Bank B chequing account with Tangerine
  13. Tue., April 13 – 1:54am: Notified that my Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from Bank A was deposited into my Tangerine chequing account (on hold until Wed., April 20th)
  14. Tue., April 13 – 2:21am: Set up a savings account with Tangerine (min. $10 required; $10 was withdrawn from my Tangerine chequing account)
  15. Tue., April 13 – 2:25am: Set up an automatic savings program (ASP) => $100 from chequing to savings account monthly (to receive a $25 bonus after 6 months)
  16. Wed., April 13 – 12:09pm: Received $50 bonus (re: #1; from using a friend’s Orange Key)
  17. Wed., April 13 – 6:13pm: Set up a pre-authorized payment using PayPal and sent a very small amount (to receive a $100 bonus)
  18. Thu., April 14 – 11:15am: Logged into Bank A and saw the chequing account balance was moved to Tangerine
  19. Thu., April 14 – 11:56am: Closed Bank A chequing account
  20. Thu., April 14 – 12:02pm: Notified that Bank B account was ready to be validated and linked to Tangerine
  21. Thu., April 14 – 12:19pm: Successfully linked Bank B account with Tangerine
  22. Fri., April 15 – 7:21am: Notified that the direct debit payment was successful (re: #17; to get a $100 bonus)
  23. Tue., April 19 – 6:00pm: Received client card and credit card in the mail, activated both
  24. Wed., April 20 – 10:00am: Hold on EFT from Bank A is released
  25. Tue., June 14 – 10:24pm: Received $25.00 from GCR (re: #4; to get a $25.00 bonus for signing up for a Tangerine credit card using the GCR affiliate link)
  26. Tue., June 21 – 9:00pm: Received $100.00 bonus (re: #17; to get a $100.00 bonus for setting up a PAP)
  27. Wed., September 28 – 9:00pm: Received $25 bonus (re: #15; to get a $25.00 bonus for setting up an automatic savings program (ASP))