Chapter 9 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:37 am


Today’s saturday! She doesn’t have any classes and neither do I… My plan for the day is to go to the library and study the whole day. That’s right, I study… sometimes…

I went to school, got a place in the library, and opened my book…

And now I’m getting sleepy… T_T

I pledged to be a great person by opening the front door and going to the library and… falling asleep in less than 5 minutes… I was barely conscious. I tried to fight off sleep by drinking coffee, smoking, washed my face with cold water… and came back to my seat…

And ardently I… slept. Zzzzz

I don’t know how long I slept, but my phone started to vibrate. I answered, barely awake. And of course, it was her…


“Hey. I’m going to the University Street (literal translation. Think your local university, and the street right next to it filled with shops, coffee shops, etc.), so meet me there.”

“I have to study today…”

“No… Do you want to die, or do you want to get there?”

“I’ll get there…”

Suddenly, the silent library became noisy.

“What kind of an @$$hole answers phone in the library?”

“See, this is why I can’t even study at the library.”

In the drowsiness of my sleep, I answered the phone loudly in the middle of the library. I quickly got my bag packed… the book I was using as a pillow was drenched with my drool… disgusting… -_-;;

I got to the University street and she was waiting for me there. Lunch was a few minutes ago, and neither of us had anything to eat so… she said

“I’m hungry. What should we get?”

“Just whatever…”

“Let’s go eat Jajangmyun (cannot translate… here’s a picture for you guys though ^^: The price range is about 3~5 bucks. It is a noodle with black bean sauce, kinda sweet, kinda salty. Considered a junk food and can get messy around your mouth if you’re not careful). I’m suddenly craving for a Jajangmyun.”

She wants jajangmyun… so we found a Chinese restaurant (note: not really chinese food… just called one for no apparent reason) and she ordered

“Can we get a double order of Jajangmyun and a single order?”

Well, that was sweet of her. She wanted me to get more so she ordered the double serving… the waitress gave me the double and gave her the single. But then, something feels wrong, and she tells me

“Hey, our orders are switched. The double one is mine.”

“Wait… you get the double and I get the single?”

“That’s right. Hurry up.”

“Then… why didn’t we get two doubles?”

So she eats the double and I eat the normal one. But I have my pride too. Before finishing mine, I ask the waitress

“I need another double here.”

She doesn’t let up “No, can we have two of those?”

So we’re on our second bowl…

“Let’s go.” We shouted at the same time and started eating.

Somewhere in the middle of the second bowl, she says

“Hey, your first bowl was a single, so it’s not fair. You have to get another one.”

“Can I get Jjam Ppong (once again… spicy seafood noodle? ^^ here’s a picture: instead? I’m getting sick of Jajangmyun…”

Daikon pickles fly at me. So do onion pieces (note: both are usual side dishes with Jajangmyun)… you know, with that black sauce.

“No way! Ma’am, can we have another double?”

She ate 2 doubles and I had a single and a double… and now, there’s another double in front of me… I picked up my chopsticks… The world has turned in that black Jajang sauce color… but like I said.. I have my pride..

I’m finishing up mine, and so is she.. I told her

“Hey… I ate three bowls… you have to eat one more single… for us to have eaten the same amount… ma’am, we need one more single…”

At this point, other customers have forgotten their orders in front of them. The owners aren’t even working, but are too busy staring at us. And some delivery boy got the living crap beaten out of him by the owners after asking them if he could deliver later… even the chefs came out of the kitchen to watch us…

Everyone was looking at us… as if we were crazy…

I finished mine, but she still has one more to go…

You know how the teacher’s giving out group punishment? And you’re the first one to get hit, and you turn around and look at other kids behind you about to get hit.. it was just like that.

But… she finished… and said.

“We have to finish this…”

She ordered another double… and then we played the multiplication game (where you recite the multiplication table in a certain beat and song) for it… I’m an engineering major. Engineering! There’s no way I can lose to her.

But… like I said… she’s an econ major… damn it.

I managed to eat 2/3 of it… and we left the place.

“How much?”

“Let’s see… 2 singles and 5 doubles… 20 bucks.”

We ate… 20 dollars worth of Jajangmyun (think 20 dollars worth of Big Macs)

I can barely walk… the noodles are near my throat… if someone hit my stomach right now…

I cringe and looked at her…

She was writhing with pain….

We got in front of a Baskin Robins. She tells me.

“I can’t walk anymore.. let’s rest here for a second.

So we sat… collapsed near a telephone poll.. Then some guy passed by, coughing and then spitting thick, yellow mucous right next to us. We saw that… then… while holding the telephone poll…

we started to throw up.

That was around 3 pm… on saturday… meaning that the place was packed with people.

So, we were holding hands (lovely) and… threw up in front of them. We try to stop it, but we looked at the … result… and… went at it again.

Everything is…. black. I was reminded of a Jajangmyun pizza for some reason. Some of the stuff splattered and got on my face… and on her face…

After a while, we’re about to faint… and we stood up, shaking.

And we looked around… the sun looks like a daikon pickle. Everyone looks like delivery boys.

About 200 people made a half-circle with 10 m radius around us… and was watching us…

I took her hand and ran… and thought “I will never eat jajangmyun… EVER!”

And then I prayed that no one I knew was in the crowd…

I went back to school on Monday… but some guys in my major was talking in groups…

“So last Saturday, I went to the University street, right? You know that Baskin Robins? Some guy and a girl were throwing up in front of it in the middle of the day holding telephone polls. But I still have no idea what they ate… it was all black and… ugh. I thought ‘are they from the mental hospital?’. I guess they were embarrassed and started to run, and their face was covered with that black stuff.”

I thought I was having a heart attack…

Well, at least that guy didn’t know it was me… thanks to the jajangmyun residue…

After that, asking me to go eat jajangmyun would mean termination of our friendship…