Chapter 5 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:35 am


I was very weary of her “toughness” and her ability to make trouble just about anywhere. By then, I was pretty much on alert for any ‘sudden situations’. In case she drinks by herself and is helpless… or in case she makes trouble after she’s drunk… I wrote my phone number on a card and put it in her wallet.

*If I’m completely out of my mind, please call the number below. Cell Phone #: 016-225-*****

It’s just like that lost and found tag you get for your dog. I know… there wasn’t any other way.

You know how people can’t always be happy? That there’s a day when everything goes wrong? That day, I was very depressed because of a friendship gone rather awry. And what’s a better medicine for sadness than alcohol? I drank quite excessively that night.

I can only handle a bottle and a half of soju (Note: This is quite a lot for U.S. standard… Soju is 20~25% alcohol) But I don’t act up when I’m drunk. I just sleep… quietly. I drank two bottles that day, and I had to head home only semi-consciously.

When I arrived at the Subway station, I suddenly wanted to see her (whose outward looks, at least, was appealing). I took the lane heading to Inchon… and fell asleep

Someone woke me up then.
“Listen, young man. You have to get off here. This is Jemoolpo station.” (Note:Jemoolpo station is in front of University of Inchon)

I was still drunk at this time. Just because I slept a little doesn’t mean all the alcohol drank already would be gone. Someone dragged me off the subway and had me lie down on a bench. (Still, the world really is a nice place to live in. I was a complete stranger, and that guy had the heart to take care of me)

I looked around, trying to figure out where I was… It really was Jemoolpo station. And then I called her…

“Hey!… I… It’s me… *gags* *burps* I’m at… uh… Jemoolpo Station. You gotta come here… and get meeee… in 30 minutes.”

She lives in Bupyung. If you think about it, 30 minutes is pretty generous. I was always pressured by her time limit… and I guess I was unconsciously planning for a revenge. -_-;; Then I fell asleep… at least, I don’t remember anything after that.

When I woke up… I was in jail. -_-;;

My stomach was not feeling good at all.. I had a blinding headache, and had a painful thirst as well. A cop got me a cup of water..

“Sir.. Why am I in here? Let me out…”
“No, you gotta wait for the call from the DA (District Attorney)”

District Attorney? I must have attacked a woman or something last night while I was drink.. My life was over… I tried to remember what happened, but all I remember is calling her.

Half an hour later… my beautiful and tough girl game in… I realized she hadn’t come last night. But then, she told me that her uncle was the district attorney, and he lived in Jemoolpo. She was worried because I did something very out of character, and called her uncle in the middle of the night, then her uncle…

saw me sleeping under the station bench, barefeet… and using a soda can as a pillow.

Apparently, there were some coins thrown in front of me… well, thank you.

Then her uncle had taken me to the nearest police station. I understand the situation and that her uncle was a DA, but still… letting me sleep in a jail? And I was his niece’s friend… and of course, she agreed to put me in jail.

Remember how I put a card in her wallet?

Well, she put one in mine…

*Hello. I’m a mental patient. Sometimes, I’m completely out of my mind, so if you see me acting crazy, please call this number: 011-316-**** *

And this is how we have each other’s address and phone numbers (and asking people to call this number in.. certain situations) in our wallets. It’s pretty cool… -_-;; Later when I get a job at an office, I’m going to xerox it.

That day, she beat the living hell out of me… and told me that if I do something like this again, she’ll kill me. ‘You’re worse than me…’