Chapter 4 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:34 am


She always wants to meet me during the weekends or Wednesdays… Especially wednesday… you know why, right? Yes… For the people who know why… Thank you. You’ve read all the writings so far… ^^ I live for people like you.

She doesn’t have classes Wednesdays… but I don’t have any classes either. Like I wrote from last chapter… She came to my class in a wednesday and.. made a mess, so I don’t go to lecture on Wednesdays. I can’t, actually. (My tuition…T.T)

Once again, on Wednesday, I gave up going to school and was standing by in my house. She didn’t call beforehand, but if she comes by and call me and tell me “come out in 10 minutes or I’ll kill you!”,… I have to get there in 10 minutes.

This one time, she called me, and told me…

“I’m at Shin-do-rim station, so get here in half an hour. I have a bottle of soju with me.”

… … … … T.T

I live in Shin Dang district. Even if they don’t close down Dang San bridge, I can’t get there by subway in half an hour. So I took the cab… And… Yes. She really did have a bottle of soju with her. If I didn’t get there in time, she probably would have drank it all by herself…. scary…

Anyway, she called me that day as well. She told me to go to Jam-Shil station’s fountain. and…. Without an exception…

“You have half an hour.”

This is where my war begins… But today, she was pretty generous with time limit. Maybe she had a good day. 30 minutes… I can take the subway as long as I run like hell…

She wants to go to Lotte World… (A part indoor, part outdoor amusement park in Seoul)

She paid the entrance fee… she even bought the day-pass… I bought lunch… just hamburgers…

Usually, girls turn really cute in amusement parks… When you ask them to ride something scary… they pretend to be scared… and screams, and all that stuff. Right?

I thought… she would be the same… but she rode the gyro drop three times in a row (This is the Gyro Drop:

Afterwards, we went to Sukchon Lake. It was getting dark, and what with the streetlights, the mood was just right… Apparently, in the old days, the place was crawling with gangsters… but now, the place was filled with couples sitting on benches.. we sat down too.

There wasn’t much to do… so we just… sat there. Out of nowhere, she wanted to drink beers. I do NOT want to drink anything with this girl. But just a can of beer?… Whatever, it’s just soft drink. We bought two cans and a saewookang (shrimp crackers).

By the time we finished, she called out a passerby…

“Hey! Why are you wearing red shirt? Who said you can wear red shirt?!”

“What the hell… Who the hell are you? Crazy…”

The stranger looked at her as if she was crazy. I ran away.. and hid behind a bench.

I guess she got tired of picking fights… with strangers… She looked at the lake and she said it was so pretty. She wanted to take a closer look. So we went through the bushes and went closer.

In her eyes, there were streetlights… lakes… she didn’t say anything. She’s probably thinking of her ex again. Already, she started to cry. I felt so bad for her… Though she was tough on the outside, she was so fragile inside.

She suddenly said to herself… “That lake is so pretty… I wish I could go inside…” I became a bit tense. I thought she might jump into the lake. I stood by her side… then…

Then, I found myself drowning in the lake… T.T.

I tried to get out, but… I can’t swim…

People by the lake gathered around… but no one tried to get me out. Even she must have been surprised… No one knew what to do.

No, you guessed right. She wanted to see how deep the lake was, so she pushed me into the lake… ‘Why don’t you just stab me with a knife to see how sharp it is?’

Sukchon lake is deeper than you think. The land is in front of me, but I can’t stand on the bottom of the lake. No one tried to help me… so I eventually crawled out.

I could hear the siren by then. Someone must have called 112 (emergency number for Korean police)

We rode the police cruiser bravely.. and went to a local station. We had to hear two hours of lecture from an officer. She was nodding all along.

I asked later…

Me: Hey, what if I died then? Why did you push me?
“The Girl”: Men are all bastards…

I couldn’t say anything… I couldn’t be angry at her either. I was just sad. I really felt for her… When can she recover from all that?

Next day, a daily newspaper had a small headline…

“After Being Dumped By Girlfriend, a Local Man Attempts Suicide.”