Chapter 29 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 1:09 pm


“Ahhhhmmm~~ I slept very well last night~~ Hmmm.. I think I overslept..”

You know, today I have a very important thing to do. This is why I overslept. In the past, do you remember what I did in front of her father, mother and uncle?! That makes me so embarrassed…

So as soon as I woke up, I thought like ‘I must regain this!’

I’m gonna wear the most gentle clothes I have. You want me to wear suit? I really hate wearing tie. I’d rather wear the clothes that I wore at that time – her suspenders and yellow t-shirt.

My little sister is wearing those clothes now.. ^_^; Haha.. I didn’t return them back to her.

I got up slowly and and looked into a mirror.
Hmm.. am I looking good now?

Oh my god, my eyes were swollen… What the..
What the heck is this? What’s wrong with my eyes?

I think this is the result of breaking my life rhythm. I usually sleep for 12 hours but I slept for 15 hours this time and my eyes become like this.

I had lunch and washed my face. I looked into the mirror again and my eyes become as they were yesterday. But.. I still looked bad. So I gave comfort to myself.
“It’s okay!! There’s more than looking nice!! Older people do not really care about appearance!!’ Desperate.

Now I guess it’s time to answer her phone.

“R-r-ring” <- I told ya -_-;;

The Girl : Gyeonwoo, come to Bupyeong station until 3.
Gyeonwoo : Three? Isn’t it too early? Aren’t we supposed to have dinner?
The Girl : You’re right but just come until 3. I’ve got also something to tell you.
Gyeonwoo : Ok.

I’m in Bupyeong station, wearing pigeon-colored pants, neat shirt and v-neck vest (similar with school uniform thing..)

The Girl : Gyeonwoo~
Gyeonwoo : Hey!
The Girl: Hahahahaha, your clothes! Hahaa
Gyeonwoo: Stop! Why are you laughing?
The Girl : Are you wearing high school uniform now?
Gyeonwoo : -_-;;

We went into a cafe. It somehow seems like a cheapie tea house. We ordered two cups of coffee and drank water.

Gyeonwoo : You said you’ve got something to tell me, right?
The Girl : Yeah? Oh, yeah you’re right….
Gyeonwoo : Go ahead.
The Girl : Okay…..

There was a very small change on her face. It was neither angry face nor the face before she hit me. I guessed it wasn’t that a good topic. She didn’t say but just drank coffee so told her,

Gyeonwoo : Do I.. really have to go today?
The Girl : Yeah?? What?
Gyeonwoo : What are you thinking about right now? I said do I have to go today.
The Girl : Yeah, my dad’s waiting.
Gyeonwoo : Then what were you going to say? This is really not like you.
The Girl : Ahh.. it’s nothing!

She was smiling. It seemed like she was trying to smile harder than usual and that smile was making me feel weird.

I’m not an idiot who don’t know a fake smile.

Actually, I was going to say that I’m never going there but it was not a great time. I couldn’t say anything seeing her different from the other days.

And I was right in front of the gate of her house. She didn’t say anything coming here from there.

She could say something like ‘do not make a mistake’ or ‘my family hates these things’ ..

There was a sound inside her house.
“Warrr.. warr”

It seemed like her father’s dog already recognized she was outside.

“Warrrrrr~~ rrrrrr”

I guess that dog also recognized I was outside too -_-;;.

I’d seen him for 3 or 4 times and he even heard my footstep sound so I thought we could be good friends but.. that stupid dog…

She opened the gate!

The dog was barking and glaring at me as I expected.

“Haha, hey it’s me! We’ve seen each other already, right?”
“Hey, don’t be nasty, let’s be friends, huh?”

She walked past the yard and went toward the front door. I followed her leaving the dog behind me barking.

“Dad~ here we are~~!!”

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