Chapter 28 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 1:08 pm


I feel quite absent-minded today. Just spacing out, staring at a point in the distance. I can’t even seem pay attention to my mother when she is talking to me.

Mother: Don’t just sit on your ass in your room, go out and do something!

Gyeon-woo: Huh? What about my ass?
(The original joke here is that ‘corner of the room’ and ‘fart’ sounds similar in Korean)

M: Go out!! -_-;

Why am I being so absent-minded? She contacted me yesterday….
She’s contacting me every day but is it something new?
Indeed it is daily contact!!! But this time it is somewhat different?

She: Gyeon-wooya~ My dad asked me to bring you to our home.

G: Ugh~! Your father asked me? To your home? Why?

S: I don’t know. Anyways just come once.

G: When?

S: How about the day after tomorrow? Do you have time?

G: Well… of course I have time… but your father… what’s the matter….

Her father asked me to go to their home. What is going on? -_-;;
We have met once already. Some time ago nearby her house I was fighting with three thugs and then!!!!!…..-_-;;;
Oh! Right! To be truthful, she was the one who got rid of the thugs and then… sigh!
We met each other at the police station. That was a really bad first impression, since he is asking to see me again it seems like he has something he wants to say to me.
It is such a burden to meet parents. Of course if I and she were getting married I should meet her parents, but I don’t think we are in that situation now?

‘Why are you asking me to come?’ – Even if I think like this, I can’t do anything about it.
So I should just get rid of these thoughts!!!!! But how do I do that???

Girl’s Father: So… can you take responsibility for our daughter?

G: ……

F: Then graduate and hurry up and get married.

G: ……

F: Why do you have nothing to say?

G: Cause I don’t want to marry her? I want to live a free life..-_-;;

I was imagining…. hahahaha…. a scenario like this, I can’t do anything right…^^;
Just decided to live my life comfortably.
Really, I am not writing this to show off. Truly, for my entire 25 years I’ve just spent my time as a carefree and lazy person.

So I feel very awkward when someone asks me about dreams and goals.

Among my friends there’s one guy who had a dream to become a doctor like Benjamin W. Lee, went to graduate school in the US, studied hard and have already started a respectable venture company and became a CEO.

It is not the only one either. Personally, in middle school I was just playing around… hehe… having fun is the most important, right? Don’t believe me? Alright fine. -_-;;

If you look at middle and high schools, aren’t they very similar to violent gangs? A school is like a criminal organization.
There’s a lot of talk of that being a big issue these days, but certainly it is not a problem that only exists now. When I was in middle school, 10 years ago, it was like that too.

It was not because I was a bully that I could live carefree; somehow my seniors looked after me and that gave me a lot of benefits when I was in school.

I was actually quite gentle(-_-;) Naïve(?) -_-.v <== A humble V

In the entire school there wasn’t a single kid who ever touched me.

If you messed with me then you would also get in trouble with my seniors……. Haha…
So it was because I had a lot of thug-like friends.
One of those guys is now a high-level manager. Sometimes I meet him in the street and every time he’s like this:

“Gyeon-wooya come and hang out!! We always get a lot of girls!! I’ll treat you all night! Come for sure!!”

He’s really a lifesaving friend. -_-;;;

So far I haven’t joined him, but when will I be able to go? Huhuhuhu…

Oh… Why am I talking about my friend??? -_-;;;
Right~ Dreams!!!… I think I now know the reason why her father wanted to see me.
However, I don’t want to build up expectations about myself. Whatever he asks I will just tell him as it is. Even if he doesn’t like it, that is the true me, that is Gyeon-woo.

Thinking like that I could stay comfortable and calm. Tomorrow I need to meet him.
I fell asleep early in the evening.

Tomorrow morning I won’t have to… be so smooth?? Hehe…