Chapter 27 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:51 am


Rrrrrrr.. (Telephone ringing)

Gyeon woo : Hello?

She : Where are you?

G : Home.

S : I am going to go to drivers’ lesson, go with me.

G : I don’t want to.

S : You wanna die?

G : Why do you always threaten to kill me? I can say a word too then.

S : What? What do you wanna say?

G : Where should I go? -_-

So I went to drivers’ lesson with her as usual. And there was the teacher turning his face away from me. And then he asked me something,

Teacher : Do you have a driver’s license?

G : Me? Nope.

T : Really?

And then he whispered her something after confirming that I didn’t have a driver’s license. And she came to me and said,

S : Hey, Gyeonwoo. He said he can teach you how to drive too.

OH YESS ! It must be true that he’s teaching me how to drive coz I’m handsome. (Sorry)
Anyway it was so great to learn driving in free of charge because it costs too much to learn driving these days !!
Finally it was time for her to get into the car. I was just standing alone. But.. she called me fastening her seat belt.

S : Gyeonwoo, come quickly !

I became uneasy……

S : What are you doing? Get into the car right now!

Urrrrrgh.. it wasn’t that he was teaching me how to drive but meant that just pick up learning in the back seat of the car. What the hell….
Isn’t this illegal? It could not be possible for ‘civilian’ not a teacher to take the car while unlicensed person was driving.
Just watching her driving from outside seemed so risky but.. you mean I get in to that car?!
I am not crazy!
I didn’t wanna live that long but this would send me to an early grave.
I asked for help while eye-contacting with the teacher.

G : (‘^^) (You’re kidding, right?)

T : (-_*;) (Get into the car right now!)

S : (-_*;) (Get into the car right now!)

He was in the same side of her..

G : I don’t wanna learn how to drive..

T : Don’t hesitate, just come in. That car in the back is waiting for us.

S : Hurry!

G : T_T

I sat on the back seat. There were no seat belts.. omg
Why are there no seat belts in the back seat! I grabbed the handle on the window with my two hands. Very strongly.
I straighten my legs and fixed them on the front seat.
The teacher told her to start the engine and she did. And then he explained her something like how to use gear but I couldn’t hear them. I could’ve almost dead.
The car started to move slowly and my face took on a set expression.
I prayed to God.

‘I’m sorry, I am so sorry!!!!! Send help please’

Kkeeeeeeeeek (screeching sound)

T : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk !!!

G : Aaahhhhhhhhkkkk !!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhk !

S : Oh my god.

She raised the speed and stopped suddenly.

S : Oh, I’m sorry.

T : What the hell are you doing?!

G : Hey, are you crazy??

S : You be quiet.

G : Okay..

But I was alive because I was holding the handle very very strongly. But I feel stiff in the backside of the neck.
Anyway the game of the death was finally over.

T : Hey, don’t come to the lesson anymore if you are gonna do like this next time too. I’ll give you a refund.

S : Sorry, sir.

G : Please give us a refund, please !

I was so tired that just fell asleep when I got back home.
And then, next morning I woke up and noticed that my neck didn’t move.

What the heck!! I called her.

G : Hey you !! My neck is not moving ’cause….

S : You’re going to the lesson with me today, right?

G : …… -_- I shouldn’t have called her.

On the way of meeting her, I dropped by the pharmacy and put a medicated patch on my neck.
She came noticing me and.. she had something white on her neck too.
Oh, yes. There was also a patch on her neck !!! Oh yeah. HAHA

G : What’s that on your neck?

S : What about yours?

G : Are you really asking me?

S : Hahaha

And then we went to the drivers’ lesson together. The teacher was there as usual.

G&S : Hi !

T : ……………

S : -_-;

G : What’s that on your neck ?? No way!

Yes it was. He had a patch on this neck too.
After that day, we became a ‘patch trio’….

Patch trio……………………….
End !!!!!!!!!!!!