Chapter 26 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:51 am


I, of course, do not have a driver’s license..
Sigh.. You’re laughing that I don’t have a driver’s license at this age, right?

I passed the written test…With an awesome score of 92..
But I could never pass the road test.. But I have a lot of things instead of a driver’s license.

My Korean residence ID* student ID debit card KFC family card TTL card** etc. etc..

Oh!! The Girl doesn’t have a driver’s license either. But these days she has betrayed me and enrolled in a driver’s ed class, and she is enthusiastically learning how to drive.

Girl: You know if you don’t have a driver’s license these days you’re not even considered a human being right?

Gyeonwoo: I’m not actually a human being…..I’m closer to the gods, shall we say?…

Girl: Shut up!!!

The Girl has just gotten into the driver’s ed student car..I’m really nervous…I’m seeing the car go this way and that and imagining this scene happening inside.

Driver’s ed teacher: Grab the handles so that your arms are parallel…The angles of your elbows should be blah blah…

Girl: Be quiet!!! What’s the fastest this dump can go? Should we go for a ride…

Teacher: What…Stop the car!

Girl: Was the brake the left or the right…

She has finally finished her practice and is energetically getting out of the car..

Gyeonwoo: Hey! Why don’t you do it a little softer?

Girl: Do what softer?

Gyeonwoo: The teacher guy is a precious part of some family too you know!!


I occasionally, really occasionally, am dragged along to her driver’s ed classes. Not everyday!!! I swear.. Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, every time she gets in the car I feel that feeling you sometimes get watching movies, an adventure fantasy spectacle feeling but free of charge. It’s just that for the sake of all the drivers of the Republic of Korea I hope she never gets her driver’s license…

Let’s all pray together.!!

Our father in heaven, for the fathers and the safety of all the drivers in South Korea please do not let the Girl obtain a driver’s license…….Amen.

Hm…I express my sincere condolences to the teacher who risked his own life to teach the Girl despite how little he must be paid…I take this opportunity to also apologize to the family..

Whenever the girl shows up at the driver’s ed school, the teacher’s face turns blue. And he makes this excuse and that excuse to get another teacher for her but he always ends up getting in the car where the Girl is already sitting in the driver’s seat…

The look in the eyes of the teacher opening the door of the car she is driving seems like the look in Bruce Willis’s eyes in Armageddon when he gets on the spaceship, about to risk his life to drill a hole in the asteroid in order to save the world….

And when he gets out of the car, having finished the class, the look in his eyes is like that of the Porpoise in Mazinger when he returns to the base after defeating the villains threatening the earth.***

To illustrate -_-;

Gyeonwoo   Girl    Teacher 
(-,.-)    (^_^)    (@[email protected] ) 
          Hello!  Oh no.. It's happening..

(-,.-)              ( ^^)                    ('-_-) 
Nose picking..  Which car should I get in?  Ignore..

It’s like that….

The teacher looked like he wanted her to stop coming to class, but she never misses a day.

That day….That day I was also dragged along to her school!

To be continued……

Will she be able to get her driver’s license?
The Girl and Gyeonwoo’s life-or-death struggle ensues…-_-;

*Kind of like social security…An ID every Korean citizen must have.
**TTL is part of SK Telecom, a major cell phone carrier.
***Mazinger is a famous manga series; I think Porpoise is one of the robots/jets.