Chapter 25 – My Sassy Girl

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 11:49 am


It’s my first time ever at this bus stop in Ohryu-dong..

Girl: Hey hey hey…We have to catch that bus!! Run!

Gyeonwoo: *Whoosh~*

Girl: Sir this goes toward Incheon right?

Bus driver: You have to catch the bus on the other side for Incheon.

Gyeonwoo: -_-;; You said you’ve ridden the bus here a lot.

Girl: Shut up!! It’s a green light…Run!!

Gyeonwoo: Ughh…Run again??

That’s right. She and I were putting on quite a show at a bus stop which neither of us had ever been to. Every time a bus came she ran and yelled “Sir this goes to Incheon right?” I just had to follow her and run when she told me to run..^^;

So why did we suffer like this instead of taking the subway as usual?

About the subway…-_-;

If you ride the subway often, especially at the same time everyday to the same place, you develop a know-how.

For example you know this train has a lot of people but in a few stops they’ll all get off, or you can stand in front of students wearing a certain school uniform and get a seat quickly because you know when they’ll get off, or if you let this train pass you can get on the next one that will have less people.

“Piririririri~ The train is now approaching. For your safety please step behind the yellow line and watch your step.”

Gyeonwoo: Hey!! This one has a lot of people, let’s get on the next one..

Girl: Oh..There’s not that many people. Let’s just get on..

Around this time the train toward Incheon usually has a lot of people, but for some reason today there weren’t that many….Not to say the car was completely empty…There were quite a few people..

There are two types of seats on a subway right? The long seats where seven people can sit and the small seats where three people can sit…We were standing in front of the seats where three people can sit..

The lady in front of us starts getting her stuff together….Oh yeah!! Best luck ever..!!

I looked at Her..Indeed she had an expression on her face like this ^___^ as she waited for the lady to get up..

She is definitely going to sit in the seat right away…Gyeonwoo’s legs hurt too because they’ve been walking around Seoul all day…*Sniffles* TT.TT

I attacked her with my gaze…

Gyeonwoo: ( -,.-) Translation: Don’t I look so pitiful?? Let me sit!!

Girl: (-.-+) : You’re a guy and you can’t even endure that much!!

Gyeonwoo: (^_^’)<– : Look at my cold sweat!!

Girl: (\./) : How many times do you wanna get hit before you let me sit??

Gyeonwoo: (^,.^) : You can just sit..TT.TT

These days we can just communicate even with just our eyes..-_-;;

She is sitting in the seat…And Gyeonwoo?? His legs hurt so much he is hanging off of the handles..Even as he was hanging he did not stop attacking with his gaze..

Gyeonwoo: TT.TT (It’s so painful..)

Girl: ( -.-) (She is looking in another direction.)

We went like that for a few stops…As the door opened a white-haired grandma walked in…..

As she was about to go a different direction I brought her in front of the Girl..^^;

Gyeonwoo: Ma’am, come here^^..

The Girl has stood up……Muhahahahaha!!! Me? I’m evil. If we die, we die together..

So the grandma sat down and She and I ended up standing…
Behind us, two college-age girls were talking while holding on to the handles facing the opposite window..

One girl had on an Eastpak backpack and the other was holding a purse..
But She saw two guys go and stand right behind them…Me?? I was leaning on the door and falling asleep…*Head is nodding*

The Girl must have thought the guys seemed suspicious, because she was keenly observing them through the reflection on the window…..

And then all of a sudden!!!

I felt my body being pushed and I thought I had fallen over while sleeping..-_-..

So I quickly tried to pretend I had fallen on purpose….But that wasn’t it..

This is what happened!!!!

At the very moment that one of the guys took out a razor and started cutting the front pocket of the Eastpak!!!!..

She had pushed me over onto the guys…TT.TT

Gyeonwoo: Oh no…I’m sorry..-_-;

Guy 1: Hey!! What do you think you’re doing??!! (He was fingering the razor in his right hand)

Gyeonwoo: (Agh..A razor..-_-;) It’s nothing^^ Just keep doing whatever you were doing..^^;

The girl who was almost pickpocketed has no idea what is happening and is just laughing..
I think she thinks I was falling asleep and then fell over on the guys…-_-;;

The two guys (pickpocketers) were glaring at me…-_-;; Therefore??

We got off immediately at the next stop…And it happened to be Ohryu Station…^^

Gyeonwoo: Hey! How could you just throw me there in that situation!!

I’m even being used as a weapon now?? -_-;;

Girl: Well then what should I have done..She was about to be pickpocketed….

Gyeonwoo: You should have just yelled, “Thieves!!!”

Girl: That’s embarrassing…

Gyeonwoo: Embarrassing? What about getting me killed instead?? -_-;;;;;

And so we are at the Ohryu-dong bus station……..

Girl: Hey hey hey hey~!!!! It’s a green light~!! Runnn!!

Gyeonwoo: Ughhh…Run again?????