[TECH] How I’ve Set Up My Phone

Thursday, November 20, 2014 @ 4:44 am

I always find it fascinating to see how people have set up their phones and computers to suit their personal needs. This post is more for me to keep track of my phone’s software, apps, and settings in case I lose it or have to format it, but I thought others may be interested to see how I’ve configured my phone and what apps I have installed.

Base Details

S3 Details

  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 – SGH-999V
    • Baseband version: T999VVLUFNF1
    • Stock battery
  • ROM: Cyanogenmod 11 M10 (not M11 or M12, due to broken GPS in these newer versions)
  • Kernel: DKP 20141002 (forum thread; not the more recent releases due to broken GPS as well; warning – if you do decide to try out custom kernels or roms, make sure it supports your phone’s model or else you risk bricking your phone) – or – BMS
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher
  • Icon Pack: Moonshine (Nova Launcher compatible)
  • Default Text Messenger: TextSecure
  • Default keyboard: Kii Keyboard (no longer on the Play Store)
  • Xposed Framework Modules (root required; all downloadable via the in-app download listing):
    • Amplify (used this document to determine which were safe to delay) – control wakelocks and alarms to increase battery life
    • Burnt Toast – show the app icon in the toast notification message
    • DS Battery Saver – an Xposed module for the DS Battery Saver app
    • Greenify – an Xposed module for the Greenify app
    • Jelly Bean 4.x Airplane Mode Helper – used in conjunction with Sleep as Android to enable airplane mode automatically when tracking sleep
    • Snapshare – import photos/videos taken outside of Snapchat into Snapchat
    • VpnDialog Xposed Module – hide the VPN confirmation message when connecting to a VPN
    • XPrivacy – spoof specific details about your phone with nosey apps
  • LCD Density: 240 (set this using ROM Toolbox Pro)
  • Enabled photo/video upload in Dropbox; disabled in all other cloud storage apps
  • Greenified most apps (with Greenify), other than alarms, Dropbox, battery-related apps, and Tasker


My Home Screen

  1. 9GAG – mindless entertainment
  2. AdAway (root required) – block ads/trackers
  3. AirDroid – an awesome phone-desktop service
  4. Alarm Clock Xtreme – alarm clock #1
  5. ASR – a very good sound recorder
  6. Barcode Scanner – probably not needed, but it shows the values of various barcode types
  7. BBM – an instant messenger
  8. Box – cloud file storage service
  9. BusyBox Free (root required) – a supporting app for Titanium Backup and a few other apps
  10. Calendar – Google Calendar
  11. Camera ZOOM FX – one of my favourite camera apps with lots of cool features
  12. CamScanner – take photos receipts and make them readable and archivable (almost as if you’ve scanned them)
  13. Cerberus (root recommended) – make the life of anyone who decides to steal my phone “interesting”
  14. Contacts Clean-up – standardize phone number formats in your contact list
  15. ConvertPad – Unit Converter – convert units into other units
  16. Copy – cloud file storage service
  17. Copy to Clipboard – you can “Share” certain content to your clipboard, which you can then paste wherever you want
  18. CPU Spy – keep track of your phone’s frequency and deep sleep
  19. Cubby – cloud file storage service
  20. Cut the Rope – a pretty fun game
  21. Drive – cloud file storage service
  22. Dropbox – cloud file storage service
  23. DS Battery Saver – a pretty good battery saving app that puts your phone to sleep when the screen is off
    • set to Slumberer Mode
  24. DSploit (root required) – portable network exploration
  25. Embiggen – type in words and it will enlarge them on your phone’s screen (useful in loud places)
  26. Encdroid – an app to decrypt encFS-encrypted folders on cloud file storage services
  27. Encdroid Multi Cloud – an app to decrypt encFS-encrypted folders on cloud file storage services
  28. ES File Explorer – best file explorer ever
  29. Evernote – journal-keeping
  30. FaceQ – generate cartoon avatars
  31. First Aid – just in case
  32. Flixster – view movie ratings and showtimes
  33. FreeOTP – a two-factor code generator; I prefer this over Google Authenticator
  34. Gentle Alarm – alarm clock #2
  35. Gmail – email client
  36. Goggles – an app that lets you scan your surroundings by taking a photo and having Google analyze it
  37. GPS Test – my favourite app to let me know if my GPS is working after flashing a new rom or kernel
  38. Greenify (root suggested) – perhaps one of the best battery-saving apps out there, which lets you hibernate apps so they aren’t always needlessly running
  39. Greenify (Donation Package) – pay to unlock all features
  40. GroupMe – an instant messenger
  41. Handyman Calculator – if I ever need to build physical things, this will come in handy
  42. Hangouts – an instant messenger
  43. Hangouts Dialer – adds a phone dialer to Hangouts
  44. Inbox – official Google Inbox app
  45. Instagram – a photo-sharing social media platform
  46. instaShot – properly format photos/videos if necessary, to share on Instagram
  47. Jetpack Joyride – a pretty addictive side-scrolling game
  48. KakaoTalk – an instant messenger
  49. Keep – my favourite to-do/notes app
  50. Kii keyboard (no longer on the Play Store, but it’s a beautiful keyboard app)
  51. King’s Cup – in case you don’t have any playing cards handy
  52. LINE camera – I use this app sometimes to decorate photos with cute stickers and graphics
  53. LinkedIn – a professional social media platform
  54. List My Apps – app I used to generate this list, sans my personalized descriptions of each
  55. Maps – useful for driving and navigating
  56. Messenger – needed for those stickers
  57. Moonshine (as mentioned above) – awesome preset icons for many apps
  58. Mosquito Sound – just in case I’m in the wilderness and want to repel mosquitoes…
  59. MuPDF – a very good PDF viewer
  60. MX Player – the best video player
  61. Naked Browser – although it has a name that gives the wrong idea, it’s just a minimalistic Internet browser that’s fast and light
  62. Nova Launcher (as mentioned above) – my favourite Android launcher app
  63. Nova Launcher Prime (as mentioned above) – because it’s my favourite, I paid for the paid version
  64. OpenVPN – VPN software
  65. Orbot – Tor for Android
  66. Osmos HD – an interesting bubble-like game, I don’t play it too often but I keep it because I paid for it
  67. Photo Grid – generate collages with photos
  68. Pogoplug – cloud file storage service
  69. Poweramp – my favourite music player (another very good one is Shuttle)
  70. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker – paid for it
  71. Pry-Fi (root required) – randomize your phone’s MAC address every so often. I have it disabled but have it installed in case.
  72. QR Droid Private – scan and generate QR codes
  73. QR-GPS Plugin – generate QR codes that contain GPS coordinates
  74. QR-WiFi Plugin – generate QR codes that contain WiFi information
  75. QuickContact – quickly go to the New Contact screen with one tap
  76. QuickPic – my favourite Gallery app substitute
  77. reddit sync – my favourite Reddit client
  78. RedPhone – for secure and encrypted phone calls (never really used it though)
  79. ROM Toolbox Pro (root required) – various tweaks and customizations for your phone
  80. SD Maid (root required) – my favourite phone cleaner (avoid Clean Master at all costs)
  81. Sector Strike – a very, very addictive game
  82. Secure Settings (root required) – installed to supplement Tasker (below)
  83. Shazam – to identify those very catchy songs
  84. Skype – an instant messenger
  85. Sleep – alarm clock #3; an interesting app that keeps track of your sleep cycles and wakes you up at an optimal time
  86. Sleep Unlock – pay to use the app forever and not just 2 weeks
  87. Smart Tools – a set of very handy tools for your phone (e.g. ruler, compass, sound meter, distance calculator)
  88. Snapchat – an instant, disposable photo messenger
  89. Snapseed – pretty in-depth photo filters
  90. SoundCloud – a pretty cool social platform around music
  91. SpiderOak – cloud file storage service
  92. SugarSync – cloud file storage service
  93. SuperSU – manage root access for apps that request it
  94. surespot – an instant messenger with a focus on privacy and security
  95. Tasker – one of my favourite apps that lets me program specific actions when I open a specific app, if I plug in earphones, or if I’m at a certain geographic location (e.g. work). My personal configuration would be a completely separate blog post.
  96. TeamViewer – remotely control my desktop/laptops via my phone
  97. TextSecure (as mentioned above) – a privacy-focused texting client
  98. TimePlay – needed to partake in Cineplex TimePlay pre-show games
  99. Tinfoil – if you care about your battery and privacy, you would use this instead of the official app
  100. Tip N Split – haven’t used this app much, but it would come in handy when dining out with friends and family and you need to split the bill
  101. Titanium Backup (root required) – back up, restore, freeze and manage your apps
  102. Titanium Backup PRO – I liked this app so much, I paid for it
  103. Transit Now Toronto Lite – see when the next bus/streetcar is scheduled to arrive (TTC)
  104. Translate – Google Translate
  105. Tresorit – cloud file storage service
  106. Trickster MOD (root required) – as mentioned above, this app lets you fine-tune kernel settings
  107. Twitter – 140 characters or less
  108. Uber – in case I’m ever stranded
  109. Viber – an instant messenger
  110. Wakelock Detector (root required) – detect which apps are waking up your phone and not terminating themselves nicely
  111. Waze – a very cool map/navigation app that shows traffic, police speed traps, and other things
  112. Weather – one of my favourite weather apps (and I’ve tried just about every app on the Play Store)
  113. Weather Bomb – gives you a good idea of the clouds/precipitation/temperatures over a period of time
  114. WebMD – in case of emergency
  115. WeChat – an instant messenger
  116. WhatsApp – an instant messenger
  117. Wikipedia – in case I need to look up something
  118. Wind-up Knight – a pretty addictive game where you control the movements of a character that’s running through a course
  119. Words – a fun game to play with friends
  120. Wuala – cloud file storage service
  121. Yelp – look up and review restaurants (among other retail stores)