2014 – The Road of Life

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 @ 9:02 pm

Here we go, an end-of-year blog post.

How do I start?

2013 was a year of happiness, love, tragic losses, disappointments, and success.

The latter part of 2013 was especially humbling and difficult, from the city-wide power blackout and going back “to our roots” for three days, to the loss of a friend I first met in grade 6 who was the same age as me.

I will end this entry with something I created to help me understand and appreciate life more:

Look at life as traveling in a car. It is up to you how fast you go, whether you lock your eyes to the road or look up every now and then to glance at the scenery.

One example: I’ve seen many individuals commute down to school, and immediately after class, commute back home. They indeed study hard and achieve great marks.

Applying my metaphor of life to this, these individuals have their eyes locked to the road, driving fast in life.

Life is truly all about balance. It was designed to maintain balance.

Don’t be afraid to drive a little slower, look around, explore your surroundings. But don’t overdo it, or else you will lose your sense of where you want to go. Balance.

In the end, we all reach the same destination; it’s up to us how we get there. Roads between two people sometimes intersect, while some roads for two people remain parallel for the entire journey.

And this: it will be inevitable that you will encounter not just one, but many roadblocks in this journey. Never stop moving forward. You are never truly alone, as everyone has their own road and own set of roadblocks to surpass.

Cherish your loved ones now, as life is incredibly fragile, and create happy shared memories every day.

You have a whole new year to do that in.

In 2014, I hope to get into the best physical shape of my life, become independent, code and create even more things, as well as to stay true to my personal philosophy in trying to make it so my every action helps others.