[PROJECT] Incriminating Twitter

Saturday, July 6, 2013 @ 2:50 am

Tonight, I spent around 3.5 hours coding Incriminating Twitter, which gets potentially incriminating public tweets to show the importance of thinking before tweeting.

How it Works

The page has two columns showing:

  1. Negative tweets about a person’s manager/boss/supervisor
  2. Tweets about being hungover

The Twitter search/tweets API is used to gather publicly accessible tweets in a 15 minute interval. jQuery is used to tidy up the presentation of the tweets (e.g. show all, alternate colours). All in all, it’s a very lean piece of work, code-wise.

All tweets, screen names, and names are obscured/censored.


I sometimes feel that the only way to teach people to be more cautious about their privacy settings, and more importantly, what they divulge on the Internet, is through actual examples.