“Love” in Psychology Readings

Friday, October 16, 2009 @ 6:32 am

“It has become all too easy to learn the mechanisms of sexuality, perform in a physiologically adequate manner, and then tell ourselves that we have “connected” with another person. Yet the only connection and the only passion has been physical. Has anyone ever told you that having sex would bring you closer together? By this reasoning, prostitutes should be “close” to more people than anyone else in the world.”

I found this quote, by my professor, really funny (and true; not that it’s ever happened to me though).

Rollo May saw there being four types of “love”:

  1. Sex (aka lust; what we see/hear in most entertainment today)
  2. Eros (want to be with the person; urge toward higher forms of being and relationship)
  3. Philia (friendship; enjoy being with the person)
  4. Agape/caritas (devoted to the welfare of the other; similar to God’s love for man)

He notes that every human experience of authentic love is a blending, in varying proportions, of these four.

Other than that, I think I should sleep now.